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Books on Personal Unfolding
by David Richo, PhD

Bringing together Catholic, Jungian, Buddhist and poetic approaches to personal growth, healing and integration


David Richo, PhD


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Welcome to this listing of the books of Jungian psychotherapist David Richo.  Click on book cover images for online purchase links.  The books on this page feature links to booksellers in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, India, Germany, France and Japan.

Mary Within Us

A Jungian contemplation of Her Titles and Powers
Human Development Books, 2007




In Mary Within Us, the Jungian archetype of the feminine aspect of God as personified by Mary is shown to be built into the design of every human psyche. This book is about the archetypal and mystical meanings in the titles of Mary in the universal Church since medieval times. My book shows how we have always venerated not the literal Mary but the feminine dimension of the divine that she represents and enriches. The book explores the threefold image of Mary as virgin, mother, and queen and shows how these are motifs in the human psyche. (This is the revised new edition: 2007)

“What a brilliant confluence of images and energies! David Richo has made a very useful set of connections between Mary and the deepest archetypes of the human psyche. This is how theology and psychology should come together. Good scholarship that could lead to good prayer.”   
– FR. RICHARD ROHR, O.F.M. Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico.



How To Be An Adult

A Handbook on Psychological and Spiritual Integration

Paulist Press, 1991

This is a handbook on how to become an adult who is actualizing a strong adult ego and going beyond it to release the spiritual powers of the Self. It is the heroic journey of exploring our personal issues and finding ways to deal with our childhood wounds, our need to be more assertive, our fear, anger, and guilt. We then explore relationships and how to be happier in them: what intimacy is and how to increase it, the setting of boundaries, and our fears of closeness. Finally we look at our spirituality, unconditional love, and affirmations of wholeness.


How To Be An Adult in Relationships

A Handbook on Psychological and Spiritual Integration

Shambhala, 2000

This book provides ideas and practices that help us as individuals and couples to build intimacy. We learn to address, process, and resolve relationship issues such as fears of abandonment or engulfment, anger, jealousy, infidelity, disillusionment, endings. We learn how to be intelligent about choosing partners and how to handle the phases we go through: romance, struggle, and commitment. We find out how mindfulness can help us be compassionate and no longer held back by the past. We discover the spiritual potential of loving.

In Spanish: Como mantener relaciones estables y duraderas (Amat: Barcelona)


When Love Meets Fear

How to Become Defense-Less and Resource-Full
Paulist Press, 1997


We all construct walls so that people will not get too close or love us too much. We can learn ways to let love through or in, and to approach someone who fears our love. There are techniques that can release the scared ego’s hold-outs and hide-outs. We enter gently into the jungle of fear about love, loss, aloneness, abandonment, engulfment, etc. We become heroically defenseless enough to find inner resources so fear can no longer stop us. 


Shadow Dance

Liberating the Power and Creativity of Your Dark Side
Shambhala, 1999


We contain creative qualities and powers that we have kept hidden out of fear and self-doubt. Our shadow includes all that we find repugnant in ourselves and all the wonderful attributes that we have discarded or denied. We project our negativities onto others as strong dislike. We project our own positive potential  onto others as awe and admiration. This book combines text and practices to help us befriend our shadow. 


The Five Things We Cannot Change
And the Happiness We Find by Embracing Them

Shambhala, 2005

We notice unavoidable "givens" of human life and especially of relationships: 1) Everything changes and ends, 2) Things do not always go according to plan, 3) Life is not always fair, 4) Pain is part of life, 5) People are not loving and loyal all the time. We cultivate an "unconditional yes" to these conditions of existence, and we learn to embrace our predicaments without trying to control the outcomes. We trust the givens as gifts of grace that help us grow in character, depth, and compassion.



The Power of Coincidence

How Life Shows Us What We Need to Know
Shambhala, 2007

Synchronicity, "meaningful coincidence," happens so that we can find our unique personal destiny. We learn how to remember dreams and we see how they figure into our life purpose. Synchronicity is one way the universe/Higher Power grants hospitality to us on our human pilgrimage and makes everything work for the best. Just the right people and events have come along so that we can be all we were meant to be.

In Italian: Quando le Cose Non Accadono Per Caso (Armenia, Milano)


Everyday Commitments

Choosing a Life of Love, Realism, and Acceptance
Shambhala, 2007

To set our lives on a positive course, many spiritual traditions encourage us to live in upright ways and to show loving-kindness toward ourselves and others. In this book, we consider fifty-two commitments we can make to ourselves in order to set our lives on a new and healthier course, one characterized by greater kindness, compassion, joy, and composure. We begin by taking small steps that lead to the expression of wholesomeness and loving-kindness. Interior shifts follow and soon we find that we are acting with greater love and virtue without having to put so much effort into it. We are living our lives at the heart level. Our destiny is to display in our lifetime the timeless design of love and wholeness that has always been inside us. Choices and attitudes that show integrity and loving-kindness help us do that.

This book is in hardcover and has a gift look.


Catholic Means Universal

Integrating Spirituality and Religion
Crossroad, 2000


For Catholics who want to recover from their past and at the same time reclaim the archetypal riches of their religious heritage so that it can figure in the design of their adult spirituality. For anyone seeking the meaning of adult faith and anyone interested in how religion can be integrated into personal growth and spirituality. Here is a more expansive way of seeing the Higher Power so that we can have a fuller vision of divine life. Catholic means universal consciousness, universal humanity, and universal love.


The Sacred Heart of the World

Restoring Mystical Devotion to Our Spiritual Life
Paulist Press, 2007


This book presents a spirituality of heart based on the metaphor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We explore the symbolism of the heart in world religious traditions. We then trace the historical thread of Christian devotion into modern times with a focus on the theology of Teilhard de Chardin and Karl Rahner to design a devotion that respects the new cosmology. This book may appeal both to Catholics and to people from other religious traditions.


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