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Downloading and reading the PDF file of
The Varieties of Religious Experience

The Varieties of Religious Experience is downloadable to any computer that can run the Adobe Acrobat reader (which is available free from Adobe Systems). If you do not yet have the Acrobat Reader on your computer, please go to Step 1, below, download the software and install it.  If you already have Adobe Acrobat on your system, please go to Step 2, below.

STEP 1:  Install the Adobe Acrobat Viewer

    A.  Begin by bookmarking this page, because the Acrobat
    installation process will require you to restart your
    computer.   If you are not familiar with bookmarks and/or
    favorites, write down the address of this page so that you
    can return to it to complete STEP 2.  The address is

    B.  Click here to download Acrobat Reader (25MB)
    (select the appropriate Windows or Mac version on the
    Adobe download page. This will take from 5 to 20 min.
    Write down the directory or folder in which you saved
    the downloaded program file)

    C.  Install. The Acrobat software package will require a
    simple installation process:  Log off the internet and close
    all applications.  Find the downloaded program file and
    double-click on it.  At the end of the installation process
    you may need to reboot your computer.  After rebooting,
    go online again, come back to this page and continue with
    STEP 2, below.

STEP 2: To download The Varieties of Religious Experience PDF file
click on the link below:

    Download book in Acrobat PDF format (1.5MB)
    (This will take from 2 to 8 minutes to download.)
    Your browser should launch Acrobat, which will allow
    you to view, print and SAVE(very important) the 
    book in PDF document format.  Be sure to use the
    Acrobat Reader's SAVE button to save a copy of the
    book on your hard drive.  If your browser does
    not launch Acrobat, it should launch a dialog box
    that will allow you to save the  PDF document on
    your hard drive for later viewing with the Acrobat Viewer.

Process complete.