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New in 2021:  See You in Our Dreams

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“See You In Our Dreams is an outstanding new novel set in a 2050s Earth beset by pandemics, a toxic environment, climate change, mass extinctions, and a tightly-controlling government that has dropped the pretense of being separate from big business. Few dare defy it; but some have noticed shared dreams, seemingly prompted by an extraterrestrial entity urging them toward coalition and action. The characters are diverse and convincing and their challenges and dilemmas, individual and collective, are gripping. What might happen if they dare to believe in one another and in a vague, scant, desperate possibility of positive change?” 

  Joy Fatooh had a 30 year career as a wildlife biologist and environmental planner, and continues as a freelance artist, graphic designer and nonfiction writer. She was on the Board of Directors of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) and is currently Managing Editor of IASD’s publication DreamTime.   

What I most appreciate about See You In Our Dreams is how the story paradoxically combines a sense of realism, plausibility and clear connection to social, technological, and environmental trends visible in our current world, with a dream-like quality—images, characters, and scenes washing over me, painting vivid but partial aspects of a rich yet mysterious whole somehow supporting the ability to perceive and understand our evolving world, and my part in it.”

  Michael Siepmann, PhD, does design and research that aims to make technology more supportive of human well-being. He got into this line of work via social psychological research at the University of Pennsylvania, where he designed and implemented some of the first Web-based psychology studies. His interest in doing psychology research arose from his wish to make the benefits of mindfulness more accessible to people who deeply value science and rationality. More at https://msiep.com.